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The “Eat Right” Challenge: Celebrate National Nutrition Month®

By: Anne Kolker MS, Registered Dietitian
Getting your family on the right track to eating healthy is always a hot topic during March, National Nutrition Month. This is the time of year where nutrition becomes a focus as schools are promoting healthy eating and the media is featuring healthy lifestyles topics. Everyone around the country is getting inspired to eat more fruits and vegetables. Here are some easy, helpful tips to get your family eating healthier meals.

Eating Fast Foods… The Healthy Way

Michelle Mirizzi, MS, Registered Dietitian
As a parent, you have a strong influence over how much fast food your child eats. Find out how to set some guidelines to follow when eating out that will teach them how to make healthy choices as adults.
In the ‘olden days’ there were no video games or televisions. People ate all their meals at home or sometimes at another family’s home. All the food was prepared from scratch and a lot was home grown. Most families would only go out to eat if it was a very special occasion. Times have changed and now we are often referred to as the ‘fast food nation.’ Everyday, one out of every four children eat fast food and nearly half of all of us eat fast food more than once a week. We do this primarily because of convenience and because it’s less expensive than going to a restaurant. Let’s face it, children love fast food meals because it comes in a colorful box, it’s served quickly and, most importantly, it comes with a toy!







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